Ken Oppriecht
Born 1972 - Omaha, NE

I make art to slow the world down to something still and unmovable. The world can be filled with chaos, motion, and sorrow. When I work, I am reminded that the world can be also be still and quiet. My art consists of calm moments in the storm of possibilities. My goal is to make an image which is solid, complete, and balanced while quieting a restless eye which is always searching.

I make decisions in the course of a work by constantly editing and removing what distracts the eye. The eye must be trained by looking at great images, absorbing them, and moving on. My use of the camera is casual and haphazard. I begin a piece by looking for the best photograph that can be taken at that moment.  It's as if I am seeing my environment for the first time, searching for meaning in things overlooked and familiar. The perfection of the image happens during the editing process on the computer. I  really see my subjects as I am sitting with them, cropping, scanning, and enlarging them.


MFA – Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, 200
BFA – Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, 1994


UCLA, Guest Lecturer – Advanced Photoshop and Maya, 2003

Studio Assistant

John Baldessari, 2001-02
Mike Kelley, 1998
Jim Shaw, 2000


* Overture Center, Madison, WI - “Nominal Landscapes”, Group show, 7/17 - 9/17

* Municipal Building, Madison, WI - “Municipal”, Group show, 12/16

* Common Wealth Gallery, Madison, WI - “Fuzzy Concepts”, Group show, 5/13–7/13

* Common Wealth Gallery, Madison, WI - “The Usual Suspects”, Group show, 3/09–5/09

* Sundance Cinemas 608 Gallery, Madison, WI - Group show, 3/09–5/09

* CoPA Milwaukee Juried Exhibition, Milwaukee, WI - “Reflections in the Bean”, Group show, 3/07–5/07

* Art Center Graduate Gallery, Pasadena, CA - “Gravitas”, group show, 12/01–12/01

* The Gallery at the Contemporary Arts Collective, Las Vegas, NV -  “The Lost Frontier”, group show, 10/01–12/01

* Echo Parks Projects, Los Angeles, CA - “The Image Embraces the World”, group show, 1/01

* UCLA Wright Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - “Fit”, group show, 10/00

* Porter Troupe Gallery, San Diego, CA - “Sitegeist”, group show, 8/00

* Bradbury Building, Los Angeles, CA - “Democracy”, group show, 8/00

* Art Center College of Design, Graduate Student Gallery, Pasedena, CA - “Pavillion Island”, two person show with Mason Cooley, 2/02

* University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA -  “Spaced Out”, group show, 9/99

* Rhode Island School of Design Student Gallery, Providence, RI - “Senior Projects”, group show, 5/94

* Kansas City Art Institute, Student Gallery, Kansas City, MO - “Bill”, two person show, 9/92


* Creative Artists Agency, Beverly Hills, CA, acquired 1/01



Balance, 2020

UFO, 2020

Stardom, 2020

Pack, 2020

Untitled, 2020